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  • Oh Ra (my alienware laptop), I missed you so! She had a bad video card and heatsink, combined with busted dx10 components, but happy now! #
  • Much to my dismay, the problem I referred to before with my laptop is not solved. =( #
  • Chrome.. you and I need to have a talk about why you have put 20 million teenie files on my file system…. #
  • Well I'm an idiot. Managed to lock my keys in an office at work. Thankfully a kind coworker is comingto help. Thanks Chris!!! #
  • What the hell is wrong with technology the past 2 days? Everything is going insane all at once! #
  • It's amazing how much a simple bad video driver update can lead you to believe your hardware is seriously hosed. #
  • Joy, bunch of dipshits down the street doing some sort of loud ass neighborhood filling religious music karoke. #
  • lol I befuddled the nurses by saying I don't know why I am here. :) (i really don't … just a followup kinda thing i guess) #