The Wildfire gateway plugin is coming along. Not as fast as I’d like at the moment, but I keep running into minor stumbling blocks outside the context of the actual plugin (read: getting sick, that sort of thing). That said, I’m switching internal libraries for MSN. The one I was using does not behave well in a multi-user environment. Furthermore, it had some kind of annoying debugging that there wasn’t an easy way to turn off. I’ve switched to a more recent looking library. It was between that and another one whose documentation was all in… I believe Korean. All things considered, the function call names were in english, so I could have muddled through, but if both look good, why not choose the one I can read. We’ll see how that goes. This one requires a little more knowledge of the underlying concepts of MSN’s IM. It’ll be fine. =)

As for the Py’s, I’ve done nothing with them for a bit now. The pubsub stuff I was working on was causing some file system problems and, on top of that, the recent updates to pep makes my work semi-useless. No worries, I’m glad to see it doable in a much nicer fashion. James is working hard on some wonderful new revampings to the underlying code for PyMSNt that I’m looking forward to pulling on over to PyICQt and PyAIMt. I will, however, watch and wait until things look like they’re good to go. I don’t have a gauge for this, so I’ll just post it aloud here… do people want me to put out a PyICQ-t and PyAIM-t with all of my current updates that’s an actual release? (underlying code will be cleaned up to lose the pubsub stuff first if I do that) Otherwise, I’ll be waiting for some bigger updates.

It’s interesting to note that looking at code in one language sometimes helps you clarify concepts in your head in another. Just the way joscar does a few things made me go “oohhhh yeah I could do that with pyaim as well”. *shrug* I thought it was neat…

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