Today we released the first beta version of the IM Gateway plugin for Wildfire. I’m quite excited to have a release out, but also a little pensive as I always am with a release. This one I’m expecting quite a lot of bug reports on because well, it’s an early beta and that is the way of things. I wanted to get a version out soon-ish so that folk could play with it and could start getting me some solid bug reports to work from. I never run into the same problems my users run into. ;) Always interesting to see things like… “my friend is using ICQ version 1 and I can’t receive messages from him!”

Anyway, I took a break from developing after fixing a last couple of bugs this weekend to make sure that I didn’t get involved in something that would temporarily delay the release. Spent some time on PyICQ-t in the meantime. Upgraded it to use James’s twistfix stuff and also to kill the pubsub support I was working on, since it wasn’t useful anymore after the recent updates to PEP. I would like to put out a new release of that soon. My typical “get everyone on the same page” release. Besides, right now they don’t work with Twisted 2.4. =/ (right now meaning, the current releases)

I have been feeling like crap for about a week so I think I may try to calm it down and just relax until I am better. No sense in making myself sicker. Besides, that will give folk time to comment. In the meantime I will do something leisurely like.. get out a release of the Pys. lol Why is that leisurely? Well because it’s already done, it’s just a matter of I need to put out the release. PyAIMt will be somewhat different in that I need to port over my bazillion changes to it. I may not dive into that until I’m feeling better. Then again, honestly, it’s kinda mindless work, so it might help to get my mind off being sick.

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