I’ve got quite a jabber server farm going on at home to test the Pys with. So far I’ve got jabberd1, jabberd2, ejabberd, and wildfire running. I haven’t had time to work on getting djabberd going. It didn’t love me for whatever reason last time I tried it. Hopefully this will help me avoid problems with inconsistencies across the different implementations. Of course, all of this is running on a single machine behind a cable modem connection, so it’s not exactly built for heavy use.

That said, I should be testing the transports under Windows as well as Linux and OS X, but I keep putting it off with the feeling that “this is going to be a pain in the ass”. Meh, one of these days I’ll get whatever I need in place to test them. Right now I typically get good bug reports from folk using the transports and, to date, none of the related problems have been difficult to fix.

Anyway, are there servers out there that I am missing in my suite of testers? Probably. If anyone reads this and knows of some, please point me at them.