While standing in the cold waiting on a bus here in Portland, something that I think could be a little fun came to mind, thinking about an XEP again. Hopefully the concept is still sound after my brain has defrosted. ;D I wanted to type it out while I have it in my head. Anyway, just a quick note here, when I say clients, I’m referring not only to XMPP clients, but AIM, ICQ, etc etc. Most clients have buddy icon/avatar support nowadays. I’ve seen some clients that have the ability to include pictures or sounds amongst an instance message as it’s being typed. I imagine they do this via a form of file transfer. Either way, I’ve never seen any clients have the concept I’m pondering here, so let me know if you’ve already seen this.

IMO, Buddy Icons are damn fun, but not something that I would consider “necessary”. So ignoring the lack of necessity, I love them. ;) But it occured to me today that I would actually like the ability to have something like a Buddy Icon that’s more like a … “Sound Clip Avatar”. Some folk could be serious with this and say “Hi, my name is Daniel!” in their own voice. In my case, I’d probably snag a fun sound clip/quote that I like from King of the Hill. (In my case, I’m actually thinking I’d love the quote of Bobby Hill saying “for me.. it’s about the cocoa”) Either way, I think it would be neat to have a little avatarish sound clip alongside the buddy icon. Maybe a client would have you click on the actual avatar picture to hear it, or provide it in some other way. I believe this falls into the same handling of the PEP-ish User Avatars. So if I put together an XEP, it would be a typical “here’s a standard way of publishing such a thing”.

The last XEP I wrote is kind of dieing… no one seems to want to follow through on burying vcard, but no one seems to want to follow through on accepting vcard officially. So I’m left in kind of a “oh well” state. =/ This is something I think I could write up and it could be fun and people might actually implement it and enjoy it. Will ponder on this. Just wanted to type this up in an attempt to not forget it.