So.. I love my Warden. A lot. He’s really fun to play and as I posted before, very zen. However, I took him to the moors to get him his traditional r4 before returning to my moors main, Elerene. It was actually one of the more frustrating experiences I’ve had out there. First off, I felt very very fragile for being someone who’s up in the front. Second, I could not get my friggin’ gambits set up right for the life of me when it mattered. I’d hit say, spear, and then go for shield and it wouldn’t take because I the creep had moved away from me a bit. But I’d think I hit it because I’m paying attention to the battle not my gambit meter and then I’d say taunt and I’d have something very different than what I actually was setting up. After running around just spearing things I’d look up and go dammit! And reset my gambits and try again. My timing of careful step was terrible. I’d manage to trigger it when the freeps were pushing, and hence wouldn’t be able to keep up with the pack to actually ambush anything. Every time I got jumped by like a single dog I’d get torn apart. Now, I know a warden can be good out there, I’ve seen a number of them that are quite talented. (Falcon’s warden, Puvii, Glorno, etc) So it’s got to be something I can’t seem to get through my head. I can do really well in pve play. I wonder if it’s the “master of the XXX” things. Like instead of trying to pull off my gambits by actually hitting the opposition, I use those to set it up. I only have one of them right now.

Doesn’t matter a lot, Elerene is my main out there and I got Erunir up to r4 like I set out to do. So moving on.

I started working Zandiran up. Historically I feel rather fragile on my champ. After talking to a number of friends who run champs I received a lot of good tips and now I feel quite tough. =) In fact the last time I died it was for a clear purpose — I went taking on a number of reds at the same time. That went less than well. ^_^ Overall I’m pleased with the dps output of champs. I wish they swung a little faster but hey. Perhaps if I can get a few attack duration relics or something that’ll help. (I -think- those still exist, not sure!) Over all though he’s a beast when it comes to damage. Certainly far quicker to take things down than Erunir was. =)

I want/need to get Erunir running some GS runs but… tbh I’m still a bit afraid to fill a specific role like tank. I haven’t had much practice with warden tanking and even though a friend gave me some tips, I still haven’t had the opportunity to try them out really. I’ve been in one so far. I did get to go on a full GB run last night on Saracia and picked up 3 s3ms. We failed the Sambrog challenge for some reason but got an extra s3m from one of the chests so hey. She needs 8 more to have all she needs for her annum set. (and about 4k more skirmish marks, which she may even have enough crap to trade in for that already)

I’m told a captain’s hele armor is quite good. Might have to consider that for Jaenda. Not sure. I’m pretty happy with her current gear.

Well Zandiran is the LAST char I’m going to level to 65 before isen. I intend to leave Gwendilas to see what the leveling process is like after isen is out. Plus, Zandiran is my main champ and once he’s done I’ll have one of each class at 65.